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Hand pumps, rubber clip covers and connectors / reducers are available.
Please contact FlexValve for further information about our products.​

Hand pump

​Hand pump with valve and connection tube for nozzles in all sizes

Product No.: 249990 

Rubber clip covers​

Rubber clip covers are placed over the clip band to protect the assembly and to cover sharp metal that might cause damage on the paintwork of the car.


Product No.Diameter

Connectors / Reducers​

Connectors/reducers are available in many sizes and can be applied to several nozzles. The connectors can connect a nozzle with a 3", 4", 5" or 6" hose.

Some connectors are straight and some have a 45o bend. ​


Product No.TypeDescription
862080Straightø25 for 4" hose
862081Straightø32 for 3" hose
862082Straightø76 for 4" hose
862083Straightø76 for 5" hose
86218045°ø63 for 4" hose
86218145°ø100 for 3" hose
86218245°ø100 for 4" hose
86218345°ø125 for 3" hose
86218445°ø125 for 4" hose
86218545°ø125 for 5" hose
86218645°ø160 for 4" hose
86218745°ø160 for 5" hose
86218845°ø160 for 6" hose
86218945°ø180 for 4" hose
86219045°ø180 for 5" hose
86219145°ø180 for 6" hose
86219245°ø200 for 5" hose
86219345°ø200 for 6" hose