Pneumatic dampers​ - Type VPSX and VPRX

FlexValve pneumatic dampers for process air extraction and ventilation​

Diaphragm dampers are suited for on/off control and regulation of pressure and flow control in process ventilation plants. The dampers are designed for air with high dust or particle concentrations, and can also be applied for textile fiber material and for paper clip.

The damper housing is made from galvanized steel plate and equipped with two nipples for steel ring connection (JKF type or Lindab Transfer type), with Lindab "safe" rubber ring connections or plain with pipe ends. Information sheet.

The sleeve is made from natural rubber (NR), which is very resistant to most solid materials and gases. For special applications the sleeve can be coated with other types of rubber or polymers. VPSX dampers in standard design are applied up to 5000 Pa vacuum and velocities up to 30 m/sec.

Two models of dampers are available​

Model VPSX is for on/off control of plants for process air extraction and material transport.

Model VPRX is for regulation of flow or pressure in process ventilation and material transport.

Model VPSX is controlled with a single solenoid valve and model VPRX with a double valve.

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