​Universal nozzle

Developed for exhaust pipes integrated in the bumper

​Suitable for cars with traditional exhaust pipes, single and double

With hand pump for easy activation​

​On an increasing number of modern car models the exhaust pipes become a still more integrated part of the car body design. These exhaust pipes are not accessible like traditional exhaust pipes and ordinary nozzles cannot be used.

The universal nozzle (Ø34-75) fits almost any exhaust pipe which is integrated in a bumper.

At the same time it is also suitable for many cars with traditional exhaust pipes, single and double.

The narrow nozzle is inserted into the integrated or traditional exhaust pipe. By using the hand pump the nozzle expands and thus adapts to the inside of the exhaust pipe so that it seals tightly and is firmly attached.

The rubber collar rests on the bumper and prevents scratches.

The universal nozzle is available in a version with damper and can also be manufactured with a pneumatic activation set instead of a hand pump.

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