Internal sleeves / nozzles​

On an increasing number of modern car models the exhaust pipes become a still more integrated part of the car body design. FlexValve has developed a special type of nozzle that can fit into and adapt to ​the inside of these types of exhaust pipes.

The size of the exhaust trims which cover the exhaust pipes are different from one car brand to another and often also from one car model to another. 

Several types of nozzles have been developed and found operable for the car models listed below.

Various internal sleeves and nozzles​

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236100 A - Internal nozzle for

Audi A6 2015

Citroën DS

236100 V - Internal nozzle for 

Volvo XC60, V60, S60 (before 2015)

Mercedes R, GLK and GLA 2015

Mercedes E (before 2013)

Porsche Cayenne​

236100 V2 - Internal nozzle for

​Volvo S60, S90, S60 Cross Country,

V40, V60, V90, V60 Cross Country,

XC60, XC90

(All models from 2015-)

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235100 M - Internal nozzle for

Mercedes C

Mercedes CLA

Mercedes E GLE

Ford Mondeo 2015​

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